When I was in middle school, I suffered from¬†crippling bouts of what I assumed were growing pains. I don’t know if this was something all kids experienced at around the same time, or if it was only¬†my weird, gangly body stretching out, elongating my frame and ruining my afternoons. It came on suddenly and often […]

I used to have a desk. At this desk, I used to sit and write a lot. I had a post it note on my desk that said “write 250 words today.” It was my mantra and it allowed me to crank out 6,000 word missives about nothing in particular to no one in particular. […]

December comes and goes in the Gulf. It’s not particularly special and there are not days of snowfall that you can refer back to in order to mark the time. There was that time my school dropped everything in order to prepare for Qatari National Day festivities, but that hardly effected me, save for the […]

It would be revolutionary if I opened this dump with a real game-changing announcement. Something to really revitalize a potentially stale medium in which I communicate with the masses. Unfortunately, I do not have the luxury of dropping any big news on you. Life in the desert is more or the less the same as […]

Most of the time when I travel, I take an opportunity to sit on a train for something like seven hours as I go from one spot to another. I spend half of that time looking out the window saying “I could see myself living here (the exception to that theory: India & Sri Lanka).” […]

You can’t go to any website these days without someone mentioning Ebola. It’s nearly impossible to find non-ebola related stories to dump. I am going to try and let you escape the fear-mongering for a bit while I share with you some links that are ebola-free. That said, let me say “what up” and “how […]

After a night on a weird boat with some Serbs, Charlie and I decided to get out of Belgrade. We rented a Black 2013 VW Golf and set our sights on the one place our car rental place told us we probably shouldn’t go: Kosovo. The most interesting stories happen when you’re told you’re not […]